Sonata #1 for flute and piano

The sonata #1 for flute and piano was composed in Russia in 2001. I was a student at the Music Academy and Kiril Volkov, my teacher of composition, told me to orchestrate the piano part. He said "...the piece is very good. The piano part is so intense as if you wanted more than a piano can give. A piano is just a piano. Make a concerto for flute and orchestra of it." Then, I told him I would compose a concerto, but this sonata would remain a duo. It was one of the final pieces for my diploma at the Academy.

Omar Fadul


Omar Fadul, Soundtracks;

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Order of Playing;

Omar Fadul (flute) & Amalia Sagona (piano) play Omar Fadul, Sonata #1 (composed in 2001). Recorded live in 2009 - Columbus, Ohio.

Rostislav Burkin (cello) & Rafael Simonaci (piano) play Omar Fadul, Sonata #1 for cello and piano (composed in 2010). Recorded live in 2014 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Anastasia Savenkova (flute) & Ekaterina Pressler (piano) play Omar Fadul, Sonata #2 (composed in 2009). Recorded in 2010 - Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Omar Fadul (flute) & Amalia Sagona (piano) play Philippe Gaubert, Sonata #3 (composed in 1934). Recorded live in 2009 - Columbus, Ohio.

Omar Fadul (flute) & Tibor Fittel (piano) play Omar Fadul, Fantasia (composed in 2009). Recorded in 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. (Auditório da Radio MEC-FM)

Omar Fadul (flute) & Natasha Nikiforova (piano) play Camargo Guarnieri, Sonatina (composed in 1947). Recorded in 1999 - Moscow, Russia.